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Our team is specializing in the manufacture of gyroplanes and their components for 11 years already. 

We  have  come  a  long way  in  the  development  and  construction  of  new units and gyroplanes.

It   all   started   with   the   reconstruction   and   refinement   of   the   excellent   “Twist”   autogyro.
It    was   the   gyro    that    established   the    design    and    piloting    technics    of    the   machine.

The engineering of our own “TANGO” autogyro was the next stage of development.

Since that time dozens of vehicles successfully operate around the world

The team has completed the design and engineering of the newest “FILIN” cabin. 

An updated version of the Tango gyro  have a new design, technical solutions that  increase comfort and safety during operation of the gyroplane.

For the 7 years already, our team has been manufacturing rotors for gyroplanes.

We install Yamaha engines on our gyros. POWERFUL, modern, reliable engines have significantly
improved the flight characteristics of our vehicles.

The owners of our gyros take part in EXHIBITIONS, successfully perform at the championships of RUSSIA,
Europe, and the World.
"TangoAutogyros are used in patrolling and AGRICULTURAL WORK

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